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    Let want to stewards people have chance, to make things happen has the stage, dry do people have status have treatment. WeiCaiShiJu, I will use

    One is the principle of having both ability and political integrity. Companies follow the "darshan talented, promote reuse, DE have no just, cultivate use without DE talented, restrict the use of, have no just without virtue, do not continue to employ" employment concept.
    The second is "effect theory" principle. In use, we don't see degree see ability, don't see diploma see level, no matter what identity, what degree, what age, as long as dry well, do better than others well, performance outstanding, bold enable, entrusts with an important task. At present, the company technical personnel and middle management personnel average age is 35 years old or so, workshop director average age at about 30. These people although age is not big, some degree also is not very high, but have the ability and energy, a performance. We insist on "effect theory" employing mechanism, and make a large number of having both ability and political integrity of talents to stand out, become the pillars of the enterprise development .
    The third is the practice first principle. "Try jade to be burned three days full, will be cause for seven years". Over the years, all to wind group work of all kinds of professional talents, we have to arrange to workshop production line and let it in the practice exercise to improve, and then through the public examination, and optimize the selection .
    The fourth is the principle of survival of the fittest. In selecting talents, we realized by "talent search" to "field choose the horse" transformation, who will do the best, we will as a talent to reuse; Otherwise, can only be knocked out .
    Five is "everyone is a talent" principle. In the human resources, eliminate modeled and mystification, do it because of the person and appropriate, quantity to apply. As long as in the right post to play out the greatest degree of intelligence, is certain significance of talent. We according to this principle, according to each employee's level, special skill, experience, personality, etc., will arrange their to relative suitable post, do the people, just as it can, promote the enterprise sustainable, rapid and efficient development . 



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