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      To the creation of the ecological added value from the product features, the return of a rational and responsibility. Has a history of more than ten years of Guangdong Yuxin New Material Co., Ltd. and its Jinxin Xi Products Factory and Yu Xin Chemical Plant to become tin products and chemical products, professional manufacturing homemade erected that adhering to honesty, customer service "business philosophy, to fulfill rain the specific professional Xin Road.


The Pearl River Delta as the core base, the Yu Xin enterprises develop in parallel with the Chinese electronics industry, has been committed to providing excellent raw materials solutions for all types of electronic manufacturers; ensure product quality continued to improve at the same time, making it more completeelectronics manufacturing processes to assist system to provide effective support for electronics manufacturers on the basis of cost control and stable quality, this is the rain Xin enterprise value for the electronics industry chain.

In addition to enterprise core tin products and chemical products outside, rain xin enterprise also agent "YT", "YS" brand YunXi, domestic, import famous brand electronic tools, "Horse card", "bei print", "white" and other electronic tools. From the industrial chain circulation to the terminal consumer sales mode, make rain xin much closer to the user thought. We based on customers' actual demand and make the purchasing plan and related sales proposal, and continued to follow up sales service system, formed the rain xin characteristics of marketing service system.

With ISO9001 international authentication system as the foundation, the rain xin enterprises have been to perfect the product stability and reliability, based on the electronic manufacturing special working environment factors, we in the product environmental protection research, has made the actual effect. To ensure the realization of the production of electronic manufacturing resonant, rain xin has been trying to.

Abide by the credit, in good faith. Choose the rain xinhui, because we provide for you, is not only a kind of material, a kind of tool!

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